Fallis Genuine Balanced Ride Saddle for Sale

Slim Fallis Genuine Balanced Ride saddle, 14″ seat, $950 -SOLD- thanks Colby!

This is a Monte Foreman Genuine Balanced Ride saddle made by Slim Fallis.

This saddle has square skirts, swell fork, elephant ear cantle, D on the fork for a roping strap, maple leaf tooling, rawhide braided horn, silver lacing on cantle and fork and silver engraved Star of Texas conchos. I couldn’t tell you for sure if the silver is sterling or nickel. The rigging is good with no tears. Tree is sound. Fleece is thick and in very good condition. The seat measures 14 ” from the stitching at the back of the seat straight across to the front and 15″ to the base of the horn. The fenders and stirrup straps have been replaced and are brand new, soft and supple. They don’t have any tooling but care was taken to match the color very well. The stirrups also look new and I don’t think they are original stirrups – they are leather wrapped nylon making them a bit lighter than typical Fallis stirrups – but someone did go to the trouble of adding the Fallis stirrup hobble straps. There is a small area – about 1/2″ – where the near side of the seat meets the cantle where it has pulled apart a tiny bit. There does not seem to be any more pressure on it to pull any farther. It looks like the leather from the seat just didn’t quite catch in that spot when it was made. It won’t interfere in any way with the saddle’s performance and I don’t think it will get any worse and is barely noticeable.

The saddle looks like it was stored upright on it’s front, resting on the horn. There is a scuff on the front of the horn that probably resulted from this and the front skirts are flared slightly outward as a result as well. I don’t consider this to be a problem, in fact I think it is actually a good thing to get the front of the saddle off of a horse’s shoulder, especially ┬ánice with a big-shouldered horse.

There are some minor scuffs and small scratches on the seat and a few spots that look like small paint splotches, mostly on the near side of the fork. The saddle was pretty dry when I got it – except for the fenders – but has responded well to conditioning with Skidmore’s saddle cream. Using the saddle will help loosen the seat jockeys even more now that they’ve been conditioned.

Weighs 26 lbs.

This saddle has been well used but has many more good years left in it.

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John Fallis Balanced Ride Saddle $1200 -SOLD – THANKS BEN!-

This is a square skirt Balanced Ride saddle made by John Fallis. The seat measures 15″ straight across the seat and 16″ from the base of the saddle horn. It is in good condition with only minor dings and discolorations from use and some mild crazing in the leather in places but the leather is nice and pliable and it conditioned up nicely. The tree is sound, rigging slots and fleece are in good condition. It has a set of rear strings, rope strap, and comes with latigo straps, and rear billets.

This is a good, no frills, trail or work saddle. Weighs 27 lbs.