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Monte Foreman Genuine Balanced Ride saddle, 16.5 seat, $1625   -SOLD- thanks Gayle!

This is a Monte Foreman Genuine Balanced Ride saddle made by Bobs Custom Saddles. Monte Foreman contracted with Bobs to make his patented Genuine Balanced Ride saddle in his later years of life. Montes son continued to have Bobs Custom Saddles make the Monte Foreman saddle after his dads death.

You will not find a Genuine Balanced Ride saddle in better condition than this one! It has been barely used. The leather isnt even broken in yet.

This saddle has square skirts, swell fork, basketweave tooling, strings all around, and decorative conchos. It also comes with latigo straps, matching rear cinch and breast collar. The breast collar was not made for this saddle, it is made by Ryons Custom in Fort Worth, Texas. But it looks very nice with the saddle.

This saddle, and accessories, are all in nearly new condition. It also comes with a 32 new unused string cinch.

The seat measures 16.5 from the stitching at the back of the seat straight across to the front and 17 to the base of the horn. Skirts are about 26.5 long and the saddle weighs 31 lbs. It has a nicely padded seat.

A great deal at about 1/3 the price of a new one from Bobs and no wait time!

Slim Fallis Balanced Ride Saddle, 14, $900 -SOLD- thanks Wendy!

This is a square skirt Balanced Ride saddle made by Slim Fallis. The seat measures 14 straight across the seat and 15 from the base of the saddle horn. Has strings all around, latigo straps (theres not one on the off side but Ill throw one in), rear billets, swell fork, rope strap on fork, rawhide trimmed horn, oak leaf and acorn tooling, and acorn stitched padded seat. The skirts are about 26 long.

This is an older saddle made in the mid-70s. It has no significant dings or blemishes but there is some mild crazing in the leather of the fenders. With regular oiling the fenders will still last for many years. One of the near side strings is only half length. There is also a 1/4 slit in the leather at the bottom of the near side fender from having the stirrups cranked up too tight on the fenders. I lowered the stirrups and as long as someone doesnt over shorten them again, I dont expect it will be a problem. The seat has some surface crazing also but it is not cracked or split all the way through. This also, if given a little oil from time to time, will last many more years. The leather is supple and still has lots of life left in it.

The tree is sound, rigging slots, stirrups, and fleece are in good condition.

This is a good trail or work saddle. Weighs 28 lbs.

Genuine Balanced Ride 15, $825 SOLD Thanks Julia!

This saddle is in excellent condition! It is made by Hereford Tex Tan and except for the beginnings of some wear on the stirrups, looks like it has seen very little use. This is most noticeable in the suede seat that shows no wear at all. The leather is great with no crazing. The only blemish is a scuff on the top of the fork that you have to look hard to see.

It has wide roper stirrups, combination fork, rope strap on fork, front and back strings, leather wrapped horn, latigos, rear billets, and rear cinch.

Skirts are 27 long. The seat is 15 measured straight across the seat from the stitching at the back, 15 1/2 measured to the base of the horn. Weighs 32 lbs.

This saddle has been very well cared for and will serve as a ranch or trail saddle that will be passed on to your grandchildren. It is a great investment in a Monte Foreman Genuine Balanced Ride saddle.

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Slim Fallis Genuine Balanced Ride, 15, $1100 -SOLD- thanks Ann!

If you are looking for a heavy duty ranch saddle, this is the real deal that has it all. Comes with acorn and oak leaf tooling, dark leather buckstitching,  original matching tooled breast collar, rear billets, wide roper rear cinch, rubber wrapped horn, rope strap on fork, matching tooled wide roper stirrups, latigos, and long strings all around.

It has a combination fork with a 15 seat measured straight across the seat from the stitching at the back and 16 to the base of the horn.

It is in good condition with no significant dings. The stirrups are beginning to show some slight wear and the breast collar has been professionally repaired. The fleece is worn in a couple of places but if you are using a pad, will not be a problem.

Has the initials GLL on the horn. This saddle belongs to my neighbor who has put many miles on it and roped many calves. They have had 4 horses and 4 Fallis saddles since Ive known them. Now that they are both in their 70s they have cut back to 2 horses so are parting with one of their saddles

Slim Fallis 15 fully loaded $1450 SOLD thanks Wendy!

This saddle is in excellent condition. In fact, its been a long time since Ive seen a used Fallis saddle come along that is this nice.

It has oak leaf and acorn tooling, round fork, round skirts, rope strap on fork, matching original tooled breast collar, and original rear cinch. It also comes with brand new unused roper stirrups and latigo straps,  recently made by John Fallis. There is a small discoloration on the inside of the fork. I have not tried to scrub it out with saddle soap. Other than that, it has no significant blemishes or dings.

Seat measures 15 from stitching at back of seat straight across to the fork, 16 to the base of the horn.

Weighs 28 lbs without breast collar and rear cinch.

Super clean and ready to ride!