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Pet Rules

Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash when outside. No exceptions. You must clean up after your dog, including scooping poop anywhere on the property. Dogs are not allowed on any furniture. You should plan to provide your own dog bed, with or without crate. If you think it might be challenging for your dog to stay off the couch, please provide your own waterproof dog cover to keep hair off the furniture. Pets on the furniture (e.g, hair on the bed) will result in an additional $50 cleaning fee.

Maximum 2 dogs per group unless you are a part of a hunting party.

Dogs and horses are the only animals allowed at the Rusty Spur. I’m sorry we cannot accommodate cats or any other type of animal. Any guest with an unapproved animal will be asked to leave immediately and will be assessed an additional $200 cleaning fee.

No animals may be left unattended on the property for any reason. I do provide occasional pet-sitting services for an additional fee as my schedule allows, if you would like to discuss that option. If you leave an animal unattended for any reason, you will be asked to leave, you will be charged an additional $200 cleaning fee, and no refund will be given for your remaining reservation.